Friday, January 30, 2009


There's something about this picture that seems so wrong. I just can't seem to put my finger on what tho...

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

dfa! dfa!

ahhh, DFA. Everyone loves dfa records. And this friday at Celebrities 2 of their biggest are throwing down DJ sets for some seriously sweaty dancefloor action. Hercules and Love Affair, and LCD Soundsystem's Pat Mahoney, courtesy of Blueprint Events.

I got so excited I had to slap together a mix of DFA tracks. But, as usual, it ended up taking on a mind of it's own and didn't have as many tracks from DFA as I expected. Bunch of NYC(ish) dance tunes tho...

But what are you complaining about, it's free music, yeah?


tracklist below... mr_

Download: dfa-lcdluv.mp3


1. Fujiya & Miyagi - Uh
2. Hercules & Love Affair - Classique #2
3. CSS - Let's Make Love (Hot Chip remix)
4. Klaxxons - Golden Skans (Erol Ekstra Special mix)
5. LCD Soundsystem - Beat Connection
6. Does it Offend You, Yeah? - Let's Make Out
7. CSS - A la la
8. Dead Disco - You're Out (Frank Musik remix)
9. !!! - Sundays
10. LCD Soundsystem - Sounds of Silver
11. !!! - Hello? Is This Thing On?
12. The Juan MacLean - give me every little thing
13. !!! - Must be the Moon (Emperor Machine mix)
14. LCD Soundsystem - Big Ideas
15. Holy Ghost - hold on (Mock & Toof mix)