Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Major Lazer!!!

Major Lazer tour hits the Commodore tonite!!!

From what i been reading it's all dubstep, dancehall, & cuts from the Major Lazer release. Should be sick!

Check this interview with Diplo from - pretty cool piece with seen & diplo discussing the ways that jamaican, american, and european dancehall are influencing one another. Get lerned!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ghislain Poirier...

Montreal's Ghislain Poirier hits the Modern tomorrow night with Ninja Tune label-mate Daedelus. Big, dirty bass! Poirier might be best-known for that tune Blazin he did with Face-T, which was a big tune. killer. he's hot up on the soca jams now, i hear & you can be sure there'll be filthy bass riddims galore. heaven.

Caught him last year at a brutally under-promoted event but you can be sure this friday at the modern'll kill it. no fuck ups on promos this time, for real!

this's a bit of an older mix, sometime last fall i think, but it's nice. check it out.

Ghislain Poirier: Cosmopolitan Bass

Download: Cosmopolitan_Bass.mp3


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Juan MacLean!!!

Juan MacLean's here at Richards tonight, on tour for their new album, The Future Will Come. Their live set is supposed to be fantastic, don't miss out!

old video, great song...


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I got a little something for everyone (including myself) who didn't get tickets to last night's Peaches show at the Commodore... Peaches & The Drums of Death put together a bit of a Piracy Funds Terrorism-style mixtape a couple months back. If you didn't get to see the show, this is probably as good as it gets until she comes back, whenever that might be...


The Peaches Mixtape.mp3

Download: ThePeachesMixtape.mp3