Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tittsworth - yeah, i said it...

little warm up for new years for anyone interested... Tittsworth rolls into Shine tonight for a night of bmore, electro, house - you name it. There's a spot on titts in the latest issue of our own ion magazine, if you want a little more than this last-minute, lazy journalist post...

& if you're willing to brave the slush out there he's known world over for laying down killer sets. Check out the mix he did last august for his album release "12 steps":

The John McCain Experience.mp3

Download: The John McCain Experience.mp3

hahaha... I hate those bloggers, too! yeah, its nice... tracklist below. mr_


Tittsworth - John McCain Intro
Will Roc & The Renaissance Man - Get Down & Party (Party Break) - Unruly
Will Roc & The Renaissance Man - Get Down & Party - Unruly
Rod Lee - Hola Back - ??
Jimmy Jones - Who U Wit - ??
Blaqstarr - Bang > Tease Blaqstarr - Throw That Ass Back - Mad Decent
Lil Wanye - A Milli (Scottie B Remix) - Unruly White
Say Wut - Go Time Anthem - Unruly
Mike Mumbles - Crank Dat GI Joe - ??
Mike Mumbles - Da Last Fight Em - ??
Blaqstar - Get Your Handz Up - ??
Tittsworth - Haiku - Plant Music
Blaqstarr - Hands Up Thumbs Down (Bird Peterson Remix) - Mad Decent
Tittsworth feat The Federation - Drunk as Fuck (Top Billin Remix) - Plant
Machines Don’t Care - Afro Jacker - Machine
Hi-Jack - Possessed - Potty Mouth Music
Fake Blood - Mars - (Tittsworth Popeyes Edit) - Cheap Thrills
Solange - I Decided (Tittsworth Rave Remix) - Interscope
Nadastrom - Pussy Soul - Dubsided
Subfocus - X-Ray (Tittsworth Remix) - ??
Nadastrom - The Way You Movin - Dubsided
Tittsworth - WTF feat Kid Sister & PaseRock - Plant Music
TIttsworth - WTF feat Kid Sister & PaseRock (Nadastrom Remix) - Plant Music
Estelle & Kanye West - American Boy (Nadastrom Remix) - WHITE
Surkin - Next Of Kin (Todd Edwards re-kindled mix) - Institubes
Chavy Boys - Friday Night Flu - Unruly
Hall & Oats - I can’t go for that (Ernest St.Laurent Club Mix) - WHITE
Hard-Fi - Hard To Beat (AXWell Remix) - Atlantic UK
Daft Punk - Primetime Of Your Life (Top Billin Remix) - WHITE
Gorillaz - Dirty Harry (Logistics Remix) - WHITE
Michael Jackson - Human Nature (Makoto and Specialist Remix) - WHITE
Ghostface & Neyo - Back Like That (Marky & Bungle Remix) - WHITE
George Michael versus Lil Wayne - Careless Lollipop (DJ Soap Mash-up)

Monday, November 17, 2008


alright, just a quick one cause it's been forever & I'm well overdue but I have about a million things on the go right now so something's gotta give...

Check out Thunderheist (aka: hottie & the white guy) this Friday for some nicenice can-con action. Bit of an mtl/t-dot mashup put on by the 1/2alive crew at Pub340.

check the video for the "Jerk it" single. (& watch the rooster blink at the end - ugh.)

(Van-Halen, anyone???)


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nadastrom does Shine this weekend!!!

Aight, here's my lazy writer press pic of Nadastrom (Dave Nada & Matt Nordstrom of Washington, DC fame). They did that American Boy remix that was all over the web a month or two ago. Y'know, the one with the wobble bass & the bmore break... no.?.?.?

this one:

Download: american_boy_feat._kanye_west_nadastrom_remix.mp3

Nice, yeah?

Anyways, the boys are in town this weekend at Shine & word has it they tear up the dancefloor in their sets. If you wanna get out & get sweaty this weekend, I think this's the place to do it!

& just in case you thought i was just gonna leave you with only that tiny little taster... nope!

check it out, got a mix by Dave Nada - doin' his bmore thing - to get you in the mood for the weekend. See you this weekend!

Dave Nada - BMO Radio:

Download: BMORadio_DaveNada.mp3

& you thought all I was gonna leave you with was that tiny, little taster track...


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mad Decent!!!

Mad Decent this Thursday @ Richards!!! Gonna be killer - DO NOT MISS THIS!!!

Diplo's an absolute floor killer, loads of production & a million remix credits under his belt - he's done production for Santogold, & M.I.A., to name some of his bigger collabs. I mean, he's the guy that blew M.I.A. up in the States... Check the mix out below, electro, danchall, hip hop, bmore, you name it, he'll mash it up in there - don't miss it!!!

Mad Decent might just be the most important label you've heard of, this decade or next. Diplo started it in 2006 & if you wanna know what music's gonna look like after another decade or so of global mashups, this is where you need to be looking. Bonde do Role, DJ Blaqstarr, Boy 8-Bit, South Rakkas Crew (mad again!!!), Hollertronix, Crookers (do I need to go on???). If Ninja Tune was the last of the old British Guard on their way out the door, then Mad Decent's what it sounded like when the locals finally got their hands on the controls.

Check out the blog at or get the podcast for Mad Decent Worldwide Radio at iTunes or here. You can thank me later.


Download: DiploMix4u.mp3

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween Warm-ups...

Wicked... wicked, wicked, wicked, week coming up, kids! bu-sy!!! Crystal Castles (can-con alert!) were supposed toset if off next Monday at the Commodore, but seems the shows been cancelled (booo...). S'ok tho, Soulwax are doing a live set on Wednesday at the Plaza as part of their "Part of the Weekend Never Dies" documentary tour. Check the teaser video, there's a couple of brilliant one-liners in there, you'll see what i mean...

what'd I say, yeah??? These guys tour all the time (just not up here) & their sets are supposed to be pro. They've got an album of remixes that came out a while ago that you should absolutely be listening to, right now. Seriously. Right now.

And then, and THEN... of course... the one we've all been waiting for... MAD DECENT!!! yeeeaaaahhhh!!! Oct30 at Richards it's Diplo, Boy 8-bit & more - gonna be killer, no lie. More posts on Diplo & the Mad Decent crew to come for sure, got a mix by Boy 8bit & a killer Diplo mix that I'll be posting in a bit so check back soon!!!

(looks like another expensive week coming up... )


Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Stereotype celebrates their 2nd anniversary this Friday at Celebrities! Berlin minimalist duo, M.A.N.D.Y., co-founders of Get Physical Records (alongside Booka Shade), headlines the party so we should see a pretty killer set of minimal techno & house. (& maybe a bit of Falco, too?.?.? what???) 

Dug up an old mix from 2005 when M.A.N.D.Y did a live set for BBC Radio1. Promises to be a sweaty night...

Download: TheEssentialMix-MANDY.mp3

(somehow, 2 hours of German techno seems like something I should recommend against tho, doesn't it???)



Zwicker aks Tweak - 'Night Time' (White)
White Light Circus - 'Marching Order' (DC Recordings)
Liquid Liquid - 'Scraper Out' (99 Recordings)
Todd Terje - 'Eurodance' (Full Pupp)
DJ T - 'A Guy Called Jack' (Joakim Remix) (Get Physical)
Dave DK - 'No Prob' (Mood Ltd)
Aswefall - 'Ride' (Der Schmeisser Remix) (Tigersushi)
Punk Anderson - 'Disco Dancer' (John Tejada Remix) (Gigolo)
Cassio Ware, Chip E & The Org - 'Freak Like This' (Kenny Dope Dub Mix) (Dope Wax)
Dave DK - 'Just Sucks' (Mood Ltd)
Tomas Barfod - 'Patricia' (Full Body Workout / Get Physical)
Einzelkind - 'Drop 74' (Full Body Workout / Get Physical)
Swet N Candy - 'Tacky Wake Up' (Raum...musik)
Alter Ego - 'Daktari' (Matt John Remix) (Klang)
Frankie - 'Tiny Room' (Frankie Rec)
Lindstrom - 'There Is A Drink In My Bedroom And I Need A Hot Lady' (Clone)
Tim Paris - 'Edges of Corrision' (Marketing)
Zentix - 'Anda Lucia' (Kickboxer)
Tékel - 'Commotion' (Marketing)
Plexo - Magma (Color)
Orb- '12' (White)
Ame - 'Rej' (Sonar Kollektiv)
Deeplay - 'Unknown' (White)
Basic Soul Unit - 'Ascend Into The Night' (White)
Shinedoe - 'Underspell' (Trapez)
DJ T - 'Noname So Far' (Get Physical)
M.A.N.D.Y. - 'Body Language' (Get Physical)
Röyksopp - '49%' (M.A.N.D.Y. Remix) (Wall of Sound)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Presets (& Cut Copy too...)

wow. been a while, yeah? too long, you say?! well we're back, just in time for one of the best shows this fall - if the price of tickets on Craigs List is any indication ($100 each, wtf?!?!)

Anyways, if you can't make the show tonight at the Commodore (cause it's been sold out for a while now), you should definitely consider dragging yourself out to Republic for the what-now-appears-to-be-obligatory afterparty DJ set.

And in the spirit of afterparty sets, & in recognition of the fact that it's been way too long since we've given out some musical goodness around here (for shame!!!) I tracked down this half-hour DJ set by the Presets, live on BBC 6 radio. Pretty nice little set, heavy on the 80's - check the tracklist, we got Crockett's Theme from Miami Vice in there!!! (ahhh, Crockett, where are you now???), some Vangelis, a little Hercules & Love Affair...

(Be warned - at the start of the recording there's 20 seconds of silence that I was too lazy to cut out. Dunno where it came from, cause it's not in the original, just the rip, but... meh. mr_)

The Presets, BBC 6 Mix:

Download: PresetsMix_BBC6.mp3

BBC 6 Music, Tracklist:

The Presets Showcase Mix

2. Vangelis - Love Theme (Bladerunner Soundtrack)
3. Time Bandits - Only Shooting Love
4. The Presets - Yippiyo-Ay
5. Roy Buchanan - A Fly By Night
6. Hanadensha - Acoustic Mothership
7. FPU - Crockett’s Theme
8. Hercules and Love Affair - You Belong
9. Mtume - Juicy Fruit
10. Siriusmo - Diskoding
11. Cornelius - Scum
12. Jim O-Rourke - Something Big

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Underground @ the Bunker...

Amigo Productions (that's you Bailey!) puts on a regular Friday night event called the Underground, downtown at The Bunker. I'm droppin' the opening set this Friday (26th) so get down & check it out! Hear some of these blog mixes live plus some new treats & let's have a drink! Rumor has it that Keith's might have some beer reps out slogging product so stay alert!

what else, what else... New Forms Festival winds up this weekend with TechForms on Friday & Mosaic Soundz on Saturday - last weekend was packed (& sweaty) so get in early if you're gonna go! (& if you haven't been yet, then this is where you should be going...)

& don't forget about the Blue Party at the Dollhouse this Saturday - celebrating their 2nd anniversary - burlesque shows, BreakBeatBuddha drops tracks, & general mayhem ensues. (strict dress code enforced - something blue is mandatory)

no mixes again this week - sorrysorry! I dug up an ancient mix I thought I might be able to slip in but after I listened to it tonight I changed by mind (I do have a certain reputation to uphold, y'know...) next week, I promise! mr_

Friday, September 19, 2008


NewFormsFestival started this week - just yesterday, in fact. Runs Oct18-27. There's a whole bunch of great shows, performances, videos, & combos of all the above. Some of their stuff can get pretty out there (I mean, it's an arts festival, yeah?) but it's definitely worth checking out, there's gonna be something that'll catch your eye.

But if you're only gonna get 1 show in from NFF this year, it's gotta be DubForms10 this Saturday (20th) at Open Studios. Headlined by UK's The Bug & Warrior Queen, it promises to be a night of dirty, grimey dancehall & bass that you'll be feelin' from blocks away. mmm... dancehall...

tickets're about $10 cheaper if you buy 'em before hand, too, so pick 'em up online, or at one of the usual suspects (Scratch, Highlife, Beatstreet, Red Cat, Zulu)

(CSS was killer, btw. still got some post-show glow goin' on...). mr_

Monday, September 15, 2008


whew! it's finally here! CSS this Wenesday at the Commodore! Not really electro (not in the slightest, actually) lot more pop & rock - which is totally not something I would expect to be into but these girls are brilliant! Catchiest hooks ever with just a touch of synths & drummachines to get them over.

Remember the commercial for the iPod touch?

yeah, well, believe it or not, that wasn't written specifically for that commercial (but someone at apple must've been promoted for bringing that tune in...) but the coverage couldn't've hurt...

I won't waste space rehashing what's already been said - there's a pretty sizable article in Urb from not long ago that's worth checking out - it's got a couple of tracks & a video for Off the Hook from their first album. Let's just say there's not enough genuinely talented hotties touring the music business these days (I mean, can there ever be enough???)

anyways, check out the minimix that CSS put out as a promo for their latest album, Donkey (yeah, I got nothing for that title...) Not a mix, per say, more of a taster to convince you to get the album (or see the show this wednesday!!!) but wtf, yeah?

CSS: Donkey_minimix.mp3:

Download: donkey_minimix.mp3

Don't forget the CSS afterparty at The Republic, where CSS (I hope it's Lovefoxxx!!!) will be doing a DJ set to keep things goin for those of us who don't work the morning after (or who can still pull off the hangover shift!!!)

(CSS stands for canseidesersexy (just in case...) which apparently means 'tired of being sexy' in portugese - something I'm sure we'll all familiar with...)


Monday, September 8, 2008

the juan maclean

last minute post for Tuesday's show, I know, but The Juan MacLean are in town tonight at Richards - killer live house music from New York's DFA label (think LCD Soundsystem). Tix at Zulu, Red Cat, Highlife, Scratch, & Noize or get em at the door for $20-$25. Should be a brilliant dance party - kind of too bad it's on a Tuesday where us workin stiffs won't really be able to set it off (or maybe that's a good thing, tough to say...).

Anyways, in the spirit of all things JuanMacLean, I whipped up a little quick & dirty to get you in the mood - it's not house in the slightest, but it's filled with 4-to-the-floor stompers all the same. Not my best work, let's be clear, but not half-bad for an afternoon that included errands, knife shopping (yeah, Johnny!!!), & a failed attempt at getting to class...


Download: thenot-sojuanmacleanmix.mp3


1. you can't have it both ways - the juan maclean
2. my people - the presets (kris menace remix)
3. over & over - hot chip (nuam gabo remix)
4. d.a.n.c.e. - justice (eli & diplo remix)
5. north american scum - lcd soundsystem (kris menace remix)
6. i want nothing - the black ghosts (vincent markowski's wokalny dub mix)
7. house of jealous lovers - the rapture
8. we are your friends - justice vs simian
9. my time is running out - the juan maclean

(hmm... thought the rapture track was by tjm - oh well...). mr_

One last thing before I go, CSS this month - Sept17 at the Commodore - don't miss it!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

another long weekend...

buncha shows this weekend, a little something for everyone, it seems. I gotta work Saturday so there's nothing happening on friday, far as i'm concerned (hahahaa...) but Saturday starts right with the boys from Guns n Bombs are doing a DJ set at the Lotus. They've done some killer remixes & the tracklists of some of their mixes reads like a 'best of' list. cra-zy. Check out one of their early mixes:

Guns N Mixtape:

Download (right-click): Guns_N_Mixtape.mp3

Decisions to be made on Sunday tho... Calvin Harris at Celebrities for a big night of sweatin & dancing to disco & house - if you wanna party & you've got some cash to blow (we are talkin Celebrities, here...), or something a little more towards the live music end of the spectrum with a live set by Brooklyn's own !!! at Richards??? Decisions, decisions...

Check the links on the left for tickets & prices - hope to see you round somewhere this weekend, wherever it may be...

(that's a shot of the first ever labour day parade, btw - September, 1882 (lil' something for all us workin stiffs, yeah?) mr_

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

sept & august shows...

damn, kids! next couple months is looking bu-sy! no mixes this time around, just reading... (sigh.)

First up we've got !!! on August 31 at Richards on Richards. Bit more Brooklyn rock than electro but check the Hot Chip remix of Must be the Moon, a brilliant cut that loved the remix even if it didn't entirely need one... I've got the original buried in that first mix I posted a couple weeks back, check it out if you haven't already... tickets at Zulu, Scratch, Red Cat, Highlife - all the usual suspects (ticketmaster too, but fuck them...)

September really picks up so be forewarned...

Battles starts it off Sept2 at Richards. They're signed to Warp Records, I think that says a lot (So's !!!, btw). I dunno that you'd really call these guys electro at all. But man they're fuckin brilliant. Maybe not for everyone, but that's probably part of their charm, yeah? Tickets at Zulu, Scratch, Red Cat, Highlife - all the usual suspects

Then it's The Jaun Maclean on Sept9 at Richards again. Some of the hottest house production out there right now & they're supposed to play a killer live set. They're signed to DFA (LCD Soundsystem & Hercules & Love Affair, anyone?) so you know what kind of quality you're getting. If you want to dance this is NOT one to be missed... tickets same as above...

Goldfrapp's playing the Commodore on Sept16 but I think that's already sold out so if you didn't get tickets yet you might be SOL on that front. Imagine a British M83 with more lyrics (but maybe not quite as good - Happiness is a great song, tho). Guess there's always the scalpers out front or a long wait hoping some extra tickets get released just before they start their set... Tix at all the usuals, just in case...

Obviously, the best of the month's gonna be CSS on Sept17 at the Commodore. If you haven't heard these guys go to MySpace right now! Tilly & The Wall opens & I've heard rumors that the show's already sold out so if you don't have tickets yet you'd better get some now. (Right now, I mean it! Stop reading this & go buy tickets!) The official after-party's at Republic where CSS'll be doing a DJ set till 3. Grab a CSS minimix here to get a taste of what you'll be missing if you don't get shopping right f#&*ing now...

that's gotta be enough for now. blog posts are usually only 3 lines long... mr_

Monday, August 11, 2008


Shout out out out out = two drummers + four bass players + two samplers + five synthesizers + one vocoder. volatile dance music.

weeelll... that's what their myspace page says. Went down to Richard's last night to check them out. that myspace blurb makes 'em seem maybe a bit more unusual than they are, i think. I gotta admit though, I wasn't expecting too much - I've got a couple of their singles (check the mix) & my favorite tracks on both of them are the remixes. heard they made for a good party though & tickets were cheap so why not?

truth is though, they might have 2 drummers but no one mentioned their drum machine & that box it was the hardest working member of that band on Sunday, no shit. Sure, the crashes were huge, & the snares were bangin but i dunno, enough with the twirling drum sticks already, yeah?

It was a pretty good party though, all said. & i'll still keep playin em out in sets - especially the remixes...

on that note, check out the mix, something quick & dirty i ripped this afternoon - gotta keep the memories fresh, yeah? a whole bunch of shoutoutoutoutout (obviously), chromeo, a killer bumblebeez track, fourtet

Shoutoutoutoutout!!! mix:

Download (right-click): shoutoutoutoutout!!!.mp3

that's it, i'm out. mr_

Monday, August 4, 2008

back from the long weekend...

Back from the long weekend, slugging through that first day back, watching the clock tic...tok...tik...toc... but hey, nothing picks the day up like some free tunes, yeah? How can you say no to that?!?!

So in the interest of making everyone's day just a little bit easier (& i think it's supposed to be something like blue skies & 30 f%@#*ing degrees this week, so if you're stuck inside, you need all the help you can get...) i slapped together a short mix of a bunch of (mostly) last years hits (well, hits for me, at least). A little LCD Soundsystem, some CSS, the Presets, !!!, Digitalism, Klaxxons, bunch of others - you should definitely take a minute & check it out, i don't think you'll be disappointed.

damnthatunderscore blog launch mix:

Download (right-click): BlogLaunchMix.mp3

See?!?! Told you it was worth it... Anyway, keep checking back for more goods, i've got plenty of records (though maybe not SO much time...), plus there's a couple links to some killer mp3 blogs on the right there, & postings for upcoming shows in van-city that're sure to be brilliant (i mean, why else would i suggest them?!)

aight, that's it, i'm done. Good luck gettin through the week, go to the beach if you've got a chance & keep comin back for more!!!


damnthatunderscore... Blog Launch Mix:

1. North American Scum - LCD Soundsystem
2. Slide In - Goldfrappe (DFA Remix)
3. Standing in the Way of Control - Le Tigre
4. Are You the One? - The Presets
5. Alala - CSS
6. Must be the Moon - !!!
7. House of Jealous Lovers - The Rapture
8. We Are Your Friends - Justice vs Simian
9. Pogo - Digitalism (Digitalism's Robotic Remix)
10. Romantic Rights - Death From Above (Erol Alkan's Love From Below Re-edit)
11. As Above So Below - Klaxxons (Justice Remix)