Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Presets (& Cut Copy too...)

wow. been a while, yeah? too long, you say?! well we're back, just in time for one of the best shows this fall - if the price of tickets on Craigs List is any indication ($100 each, wtf?!?!)

Anyways, if you can't make the show tonight at the Commodore (cause it's been sold out for a while now), you should definitely consider dragging yourself out to Republic for the what-now-appears-to-be-obligatory afterparty DJ set.

And in the spirit of afterparty sets, & in recognition of the fact that it's been way too long since we've given out some musical goodness around here (for shame!!!) I tracked down this half-hour DJ set by the Presets, live on BBC 6 radio. Pretty nice little set, heavy on the 80's - check the tracklist, we got Crockett's Theme from Miami Vice in there!!! (ahhh, Crockett, where are you now???), some Vangelis, a little Hercules & Love Affair...

(Be warned - at the start of the recording there's 20 seconds of silence that I was too lazy to cut out. Dunno where it came from, cause it's not in the original, just the rip, but... meh. mr_)

The Presets, BBC 6 Mix:

Download: PresetsMix_BBC6.mp3

BBC 6 Music, Tracklist:

The Presets Showcase Mix

2. Vangelis - Love Theme (Bladerunner Soundtrack)
3. Time Bandits - Only Shooting Love
4. The Presets - Yippiyo-Ay
5. Roy Buchanan - A Fly By Night
6. Hanadensha - Acoustic Mothership
7. FPU - Crockett’s Theme
8. Hercules and Love Affair - You Belong
9. Mtume - Juicy Fruit
10. Siriusmo - Diskoding
11. Cornelius - Scum
12. Jim O-Rourke - Something Big

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Christine said...

Hey Nathan,
Give me your email so I can send you a bit from the presets show, hate to tell you but they were absolutely amazing!