Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween Warm-ups...

Wicked... wicked, wicked, wicked, week coming up, kids! bu-sy!!! Crystal Castles (can-con alert!) were supposed toset if off next Monday at the Commodore, but seems the shows been cancelled (booo...). S'ok tho, Soulwax are doing a live set on Wednesday at the Plaza as part of their "Part of the Weekend Never Dies" documentary tour. Check the teaser video, there's a couple of brilliant one-liners in there, you'll see what i mean...

what'd I say, yeah??? These guys tour all the time (just not up here) & their sets are supposed to be pro. They've got an album of remixes that came out a while ago that you should absolutely be listening to, right now. Seriously. Right now.

And then, and THEN... of course... the one we've all been waiting for... MAD DECENT!!! yeeeaaaahhhh!!! Oct30 at Richards it's Diplo, Boy 8-bit & more - gonna be killer, no lie. More posts on Diplo & the Mad Decent crew to come for sure, got a mix by Boy 8bit & a killer Diplo mix that I'll be posting in a bit so check back soon!!!

(looks like another expensive week coming up... )


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