Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Underground @ the Bunker...

Amigo Productions (that's you Bailey!) puts on a regular Friday night event called the Underground, downtown at The Bunker. I'm droppin' the opening set this Friday (26th) so get down & check it out! Hear some of these blog mixes live plus some new treats & let's have a drink! Rumor has it that Keith's might have some beer reps out slogging product so stay alert!

what else, what else... New Forms Festival winds up this weekend with TechForms on Friday & Mosaic Soundz on Saturday - last weekend was packed (& sweaty) so get in early if you're gonna go! (& if you haven't been yet, then this is where you should be going...)

& don't forget about the Blue Party at the Dollhouse this Saturday - celebrating their 2nd anniversary - burlesque shows, BreakBeatBuddha drops tracks, & general mayhem ensues. (strict dress code enforced - something blue is mandatory)

no mixes again this week - sorrysorry! I dug up an ancient mix I thought I might be able to slip in but after I listened to it tonight I changed by mind (I do have a certain reputation to uphold, y'know...) next week, I promise! mr_

Friday, September 19, 2008


NewFormsFestival started this week - just yesterday, in fact. Runs Oct18-27. There's a whole bunch of great shows, performances, videos, & combos of all the above. Some of their stuff can get pretty out there (I mean, it's an arts festival, yeah?) but it's definitely worth checking out, there's gonna be something that'll catch your eye.

But if you're only gonna get 1 show in from NFF this year, it's gotta be DubForms10 this Saturday (20th) at Open Studios. Headlined by UK's The Bug & Warrior Queen, it promises to be a night of dirty, grimey dancehall & bass that you'll be feelin' from blocks away. mmm... dancehall...

tickets're about $10 cheaper if you buy 'em before hand, too, so pick 'em up online, or at one of the usual suspects (Scratch, Highlife, Beatstreet, Red Cat, Zulu)

(CSS was killer, btw. still got some post-show glow goin' on...). mr_

Monday, September 15, 2008


whew! it's finally here! CSS this Wenesday at the Commodore! Not really electro (not in the slightest, actually) lot more pop & rock - which is totally not something I would expect to be into but these girls are brilliant! Catchiest hooks ever with just a touch of synths & drummachines to get them over.

Remember the commercial for the iPod touch?

yeah, well, believe it or not, that wasn't written specifically for that commercial (but someone at apple must've been promoted for bringing that tune in...) but the coverage couldn't've hurt...

I won't waste space rehashing what's already been said - there's a pretty sizable article in Urb from not long ago that's worth checking out - it's got a couple of tracks & a video for Off the Hook from their first album. Let's just say there's not enough genuinely talented hotties touring the music business these days (I mean, can there ever be enough???)

anyways, check out the minimix that CSS put out as a promo for their latest album, Donkey (yeah, I got nothing for that title...) Not a mix, per say, more of a taster to convince you to get the album (or see the show this wednesday!!!) but wtf, yeah?

CSS: Donkey_minimix.mp3:

Download: donkey_minimix.mp3

Don't forget the CSS afterparty at The Republic, where CSS (I hope it's Lovefoxxx!!!) will be doing a DJ set to keep things goin for those of us who don't work the morning after (or who can still pull off the hangover shift!!!)

(CSS stands for canseidesersexy (just in case...) which apparently means 'tired of being sexy' in portugese - something I'm sure we'll all familiar with...)


Monday, September 8, 2008

the juan maclean

last minute post for Tuesday's show, I know, but The Juan MacLean are in town tonight at Richards - killer live house music from New York's DFA label (think LCD Soundsystem). Tix at Zulu, Red Cat, Highlife, Scratch, & Noize or get em at the door for $20-$25. Should be a brilliant dance party - kind of too bad it's on a Tuesday where us workin stiffs won't really be able to set it off (or maybe that's a good thing, tough to say...).

Anyways, in the spirit of all things JuanMacLean, I whipped up a little quick & dirty to get you in the mood - it's not house in the slightest, but it's filled with 4-to-the-floor stompers all the same. Not my best work, let's be clear, but not half-bad for an afternoon that included errands, knife shopping (yeah, Johnny!!!), & a failed attempt at getting to class...


Download: thenot-sojuanmacleanmix.mp3


1. you can't have it both ways - the juan maclean
2. my people - the presets (kris menace remix)
3. over & over - hot chip (nuam gabo remix)
4. d.a.n.c.e. - justice (eli & diplo remix)
5. north american scum - lcd soundsystem (kris menace remix)
6. i want nothing - the black ghosts (vincent markowski's wokalny dub mix)
7. house of jealous lovers - the rapture
8. we are your friends - justice vs simian
9. my time is running out - the juan maclean

(hmm... thought the rapture track was by tjm - oh well...). mr_

One last thing before I go, CSS this month - Sept17 at the Commodore - don't miss it!!!