Friday, September 19, 2008


NewFormsFestival started this week - just yesterday, in fact. Runs Oct18-27. There's a whole bunch of great shows, performances, videos, & combos of all the above. Some of their stuff can get pretty out there (I mean, it's an arts festival, yeah?) but it's definitely worth checking out, there's gonna be something that'll catch your eye.

But if you're only gonna get 1 show in from NFF this year, it's gotta be DubForms10 this Saturday (20th) at Open Studios. Headlined by UK's The Bug & Warrior Queen, it promises to be a night of dirty, grimey dancehall & bass that you'll be feelin' from blocks away. mmm... dancehall...

tickets're about $10 cheaper if you buy 'em before hand, too, so pick 'em up online, or at one of the usual suspects (Scratch, Highlife, Beatstreet, Red Cat, Zulu)

(CSS was killer, btw. still got some post-show glow goin' on...). mr_

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