Monday, September 15, 2008


whew! it's finally here! CSS this Wenesday at the Commodore! Not really electro (not in the slightest, actually) lot more pop & rock - which is totally not something I would expect to be into but these girls are brilliant! Catchiest hooks ever with just a touch of synths & drummachines to get them over.

Remember the commercial for the iPod touch?

yeah, well, believe it or not, that wasn't written specifically for that commercial (but someone at apple must've been promoted for bringing that tune in...) but the coverage couldn't've hurt...

I won't waste space rehashing what's already been said - there's a pretty sizable article in Urb from not long ago that's worth checking out - it's got a couple of tracks & a video for Off the Hook from their first album. Let's just say there's not enough genuinely talented hotties touring the music business these days (I mean, can there ever be enough???)

anyways, check out the minimix that CSS put out as a promo for their latest album, Donkey (yeah, I got nothing for that title...) Not a mix, per say, more of a taster to convince you to get the album (or see the show this wednesday!!!) but wtf, yeah?

CSS: Donkey_minimix.mp3:

Download: donkey_minimix.mp3

Don't forget the CSS afterparty at The Republic, where CSS (I hope it's Lovefoxxx!!!) will be doing a DJ set to keep things goin for those of us who don't work the morning after (or who can still pull off the hangover shift!!!)

(CSS stands for canseidesersexy (just in case...) which apparently means 'tired of being sexy' in portugese - something I'm sure we'll all familiar with...)


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Anik said...

Irene loves CSS! She bought their CD right after we saw the commercial. That commercial, btw, was actually a fan creation picked up on YouTube. The original vid is still up.

1) thanks for the awesome content
2) envious!