Monday, September 8, 2008

the juan maclean

last minute post for Tuesday's show, I know, but The Juan MacLean are in town tonight at Richards - killer live house music from New York's DFA label (think LCD Soundsystem). Tix at Zulu, Red Cat, Highlife, Scratch, & Noize or get em at the door for $20-$25. Should be a brilliant dance party - kind of too bad it's on a Tuesday where us workin stiffs won't really be able to set it off (or maybe that's a good thing, tough to say...).

Anyways, in the spirit of all things JuanMacLean, I whipped up a little quick & dirty to get you in the mood - it's not house in the slightest, but it's filled with 4-to-the-floor stompers all the same. Not my best work, let's be clear, but not half-bad for an afternoon that included errands, knife shopping (yeah, Johnny!!!), & a failed attempt at getting to class...


Download: thenot-sojuanmacleanmix.mp3


1. you can't have it both ways - the juan maclean
2. my people - the presets (kris menace remix)
3. over & over - hot chip (nuam gabo remix)
4. d.a.n.c.e. - justice (eli & diplo remix)
5. north american scum - lcd soundsystem (kris menace remix)
6. i want nothing - the black ghosts (vincent markowski's wokalny dub mix)
7. house of jealous lovers - the rapture
8. we are your friends - justice vs simian
9. my time is running out - the juan maclean

(hmm... thought the rapture track was by tjm - oh well...). mr_

One last thing before I go, CSS this month - Sept17 at the Commodore - don't miss it!!!

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