Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Stereotype celebrates their 2nd anniversary this Friday at Celebrities! Berlin minimalist duo, M.A.N.D.Y., co-founders of Get Physical Records (alongside Booka Shade), headlines the party so we should see a pretty killer set of minimal techno & house. (& maybe a bit of Falco, too?.?.? what???) 

Dug up an old mix from 2005 when M.A.N.D.Y did a live set for BBC Radio1. Promises to be a sweaty night...

Download: TheEssentialMix-MANDY.mp3

(somehow, 2 hours of German techno seems like something I should recommend against tho, doesn't it???)



Zwicker aks Tweak - 'Night Time' (White)
White Light Circus - 'Marching Order' (DC Recordings)
Liquid Liquid - 'Scraper Out' (99 Recordings)
Todd Terje - 'Eurodance' (Full Pupp)
DJ T - 'A Guy Called Jack' (Joakim Remix) (Get Physical)
Dave DK - 'No Prob' (Mood Ltd)
Aswefall - 'Ride' (Der Schmeisser Remix) (Tigersushi)
Punk Anderson - 'Disco Dancer' (John Tejada Remix) (Gigolo)
Cassio Ware, Chip E & The Org - 'Freak Like This' (Kenny Dope Dub Mix) (Dope Wax)
Dave DK - 'Just Sucks' (Mood Ltd)
Tomas Barfod - 'Patricia' (Full Body Workout / Get Physical)
Einzelkind - 'Drop 74' (Full Body Workout / Get Physical)
Swet N Candy - 'Tacky Wake Up' (Raum...musik)
Alter Ego - 'Daktari' (Matt John Remix) (Klang)
Frankie - 'Tiny Room' (Frankie Rec)
Lindstrom - 'There Is A Drink In My Bedroom And I Need A Hot Lady' (Clone)
Tim Paris - 'Edges of Corrision' (Marketing)
Zentix - 'Anda Lucia' (Kickboxer)
Tékel - 'Commotion' (Marketing)
Plexo - Magma (Color)
Orb- '12' (White)
Ame - 'Rej' (Sonar Kollektiv)
Deeplay - 'Unknown' (White)
Basic Soul Unit - 'Ascend Into The Night' (White)
Shinedoe - 'Underspell' (Trapez)
DJ T - 'Noname So Far' (Get Physical)
M.A.N.D.Y. - 'Body Language' (Get Physical)
Röyksopp - '49%' (M.A.N.D.Y. Remix) (Wall of Sound)

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cpasion said...

ain't nothing wrong with efficient german beats.