Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nadastrom does Shine this weekend!!!

Aight, here's my lazy writer press pic of Nadastrom (Dave Nada & Matt Nordstrom of Washington, DC fame). They did that American Boy remix that was all over the web a month or two ago. Y'know, the one with the wobble bass & the bmore break... no.?.?.?

this one:

Download: american_boy_feat._kanye_west_nadastrom_remix.mp3

Nice, yeah?

Anyways, the boys are in town this weekend at Shine & word has it they tear up the dancefloor in their sets. If you wanna get out & get sweaty this weekend, I think this's the place to do it!

& just in case you thought i was just gonna leave you with only that tiny little taster... nope!

check it out, got a mix by Dave Nada - doin' his bmore thing - to get you in the mood for the weekend. See you this weekend!

Dave Nada - BMO Radio:

Download: BMORadio_DaveNada.mp3

& you thought all I was gonna leave you with was that tiny, little taster track...


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