Thursday, May 28, 2009

mr_ at Saturday Soundsations this weekend!!!

Yup, its true. It's an early set but it'll be a good one. 

i been getting into this old RobotKiss mix I found kickin around the back of a hard drive somewhere - a nice, chill sound for the warm-up set. Goes well with those eerie globes in the pic they used for the event, too. Little rough around the edges, i know, but it's old & i just stumbled onto it...

The Creative boys've also got Kori K, Captain Eric, Mystery Korn Flakes, & Steve the Creative Individual dropping sets. Beautiful venue, great crowd - should be a killer night!

Well, that's it for now, i got real work to do. Check the mix below, & see you at Saturday Soundsations...


RobotKiss (Mixed by mr_)

Download: RobotKiss.mp3

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