Thursday, September 16, 2010

Das Racist. Sit Down, Man & Who's That Brown? Nice.

Sit Down, Man (frontart).jpg

Check out the new Das Racist Mixtape: Sit Down, Man. Quincy Jones, Diplo, El-P, Boi-1da, & more, More, MORE!!!

I think my personal favorite's the Boi-1da cut with Day of our Lives sample. I mean...

Free download from - no excuses!

While you're waiting for the download to finish, jump over & check out Who's That Brown? Get to the show before the track ends!!! (Hint: Don't get distracted beating up yuppies on the subway...)

btw, Glenn Beck? Sit down, man...

1 comment:

mr_ said...

whoa - just realized track 11's got a sample from Samurai Champloo. hel-lo sha-leik!!!